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Barcelona Beauty

Tuesday 22 July 2014


This home in Barcelona features a completely white backdrop, walls, ceilings, doors & floors ... so the rich textures and colors in the furnishings really standout. The interiors are a fusion of industrial, modern, vintage, retro & traditional, and it all seems to work!

Housing, cooking workshop and space for private dinners, this house in the upper part of Barcelona, ​​is one hundred percent intended to enjoy the taste and sight. Its eclectic and sophisticated decor guarantees it.

Taste, flavor. If you know something in this house is of flavors. Every corner is just right seasoning, good mixing, and recipes that the owner-alma mater Matildas & Cook-prepared each day for cooking workshops and private dinners organized here.

First, when the housing adapted to its new use as a center of gastro work, was to shape a proper kitchen. This backyard porch before used as annexed chill out. Now, after the reform, it has become a focal point and very attractive. It is a statement of intent stew in decoration extending to the rest of the space, a mix of functionality and glamor with vintage and retro touches that exudes charisma.

In each room the combination of ingredients enhances the end result. The pieces of furniture from very different backgrounds, and family memories come to great prominence thanks to the stranglehold white backdrop.

The nature of the vintage chairs, the classical carpets, industrial lamps, oriental furniture, antique portraits, including furniture made of materials recycled demolition surprised an exercise in masterful fusion, since it seems that they were created each other to be together. Furthermore, charming details and personal populate the library tables or comfortable, putting even more uniqueness to this delicious recipe decorative.

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